How to add custom content to sims 4

This is a lot easier then you may think! Lets go by steps

  1. Open up your "Documents or My Documents" folder
  2. Locate the folder named "Electronic Arts" - double click to open
  3. Locate and select "sims 4" folder  - double click to open
  4.  There you will find the "Mods" folder. - double click to open
  5. Inside this folder is where you place the .package files you have downloaded for your game. It should appear in your game the next time you load it.

  1. Keep a copy of your mods foler before adding cc. This keeps your favorite downloads safe.
  2. When you download a package (cc) keep in mind the name of that file. This is so that if your game does not load or other issues occur, it could be from a corrupt package file. Then you can remove it from your mods folder.
  3. You will need to restart your sims 4 game each time you add cc for it to appear in game.

Hope this helps!

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